Tiaki Promise

Tiaki Promise

At Villa del Lago we are committed to caring for NZ for now and for the future.  Through our Tiaki Promise, we encourage you to care for our people and our environment while you are visiting.  We ask you to promise to:

-Care for the land and nature, treading lightly and leaving no trace
-Travel safely, showing care and consideration for all
-Respect our culture, travelling with an open heart and mind

We have carefully chosen environmentally friendly cleaning products and amenities, and elected not to install air-conditioning units.  We have large opening windows and plenty of fresh cool mountain air.  We look after our team and respect our surrounding ecology, the mountains, lake and cultural heritage we are so privileged to be a apart of.

You can help fulfill this promise by
-switching off your lights and heating when you leave the apartment for the day and at the end of your stay
-re-using your towels during your stay
-minimising waste and re-cycling whatever you can.

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